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Welcome to CFCC

Trout and River Advocacy Opposes Chemicals at Groynes

A national trout and rivers advocacy the New Zealand Federation of Freshwater Anglers (NZFFA) has strongly opposed the use of chemical sprays to control unwanted weed at the fish out ponds at the Groynes. NZFFA’s president Graham Carter said the use of chemicals would be bad environmental practice.

“I am vehemently opposed to the use of chemical sprays to combat the Lagarosiphon infestation at the fish out ponds at the Groynes,” he said.
“Indeed judging by strong opposition from the Salmon Anglers and North Canterbury Fish and Game the feeling is strong within the angling public. In the Federation's opinion it would be contradictory to Christchurch City Council's ethics and to their current stand against councils, factories and industrial dairying units pouring unwelcome chemical pollutants into the public's waterways”. Read more

The Friendly Bunch are turning 50! - 1967 - 2017

The Christchurch Fishing and Casting Club was established in 1967. The first Meeting of this club was formed by a group of enthusiastic fishermen. They formed the club to: "pass on to the people interested in learning the art of Casting, and to be instructed in this art and give interested persons the help and advice in all aspects of anything to further the true sport of Fishing"

The club celebrated their 50th anniversary on June 23rd 2017. The MC for the dinner evening was life member Rex Gibson who started festivities. Rex had been President during the last big birthday celebration; the 30th. With many of the club’s members, and two guests from Canterbury Anglers Club, present this convivial dinner suggested a healthy future (another 50 years?) for the Club.

Club president, John Collins, welcomed everybody. He made the point that this is not the oldest, or largest, fishing club in the region but that it has the reputation of being "the friendly bunch." He said the club was significantly different to many others in that it had a good percentage of women members. John highlighted the many weekend fishing trips that members had enjoyed in his years in the club.

Download the 50th Anniversary Newsletter here.