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The history of the Christchurch Fishing and Casting Club
The Christchurch Fishing and Casting Club was established in 1967. The first Meeting of this club was formed by a group of enthusiastic fishermen. They formed the club to: "pass on to the people interested in learning the art of Casting, and to be instructed in this art and give interested persons the help and advice in all aspects of anything to further the true sport of Fishing"

The first meeting of the Christchurch Fishing and Casting club was held on Thursday 22nd June 1967 at 7.30pm in the Scottish Society Hall on Caledonian Road. From a meeting of 46 interested people the following resolutions were adopted:

Mr D Combridge 
be appointed Chairman

Mr F Knipe 
be appointed Hon. Secretary

Mr C. Hurst 
be appointed Treasurer

The following people were duly elected as the committee: 

D Corney, G Harrington, Mrs Robinson, W Hamilton, D Johnson, K Thompson, N Larson.


Recommendation to the committee was Trustees 
D Combridge, K Thompson, E Drury, C Hurst, N Larsen, D Johnson, J Calder, F Knipe 
​​​​​​​were appointed.

Fees in 1967

The Christchurch Fishing and Casting Club held monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month. During the first meeting 41 members had filled out Nomination forms. Tea, Coffee and biscuits were provided at the Club meetings at a charge of 6 pence per head.


1 pound and 10 shillings


15 shillings


7 shillings and 6 pence


2 pounds and 10 shillings

To join the club the person seeking membership had to fill out a nomination form and sign it, along with two members of the club. The application would then go to the Club Committee meeting for approval. Membership was limited to 100 members.

The Christchurch Fishing and Casting Club held club gatherings at Victoria Lake or at Western Football Grounds for the purpose of practicing their Fly Casting and Surf Casting for Club Competitions.


The club has come a long way since these early days. But unchanged since the first meeting is the hospitality and the atmosphere of the club



Christchurch Fishing and Casting Club

The Friendly Bunch