Christchurch Fishing
and Casting Club

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Club Awards

Club Cup Categories 2017

Best Photograph

  • Johnathon Arps

Best Sea Fish

  • Harry Arps

Best Fish on a Club Trip

  • Rex Gibson

Largest Salmon

  • Johnathon Arps, 11 ½ lbs

Best Fish on a Self-made Fly

  • Rex Gibson, 5 ¼ lb Trout

Biggest Canal Fish

  • Gavin Atkinson, 15 ½ Salmon

Largest Trout

  • Dave Salisbury, 5 ¼ lbs

Most Unusual Catch

  • John Collins, Very large Eel

Services to the Club

  • Johnathon Arps

Club Cup Categories 2016

Best Photograph

  • Rex Gibson

All Round Junior Champ

  • Harry Arps, 3.5 lb trout

Best Fish By A Novice

  • John O'Connell, 4.6 lb trout

Best Sea Fish

  • Rex Gibson, 7lb kahawai

Best Trout on Self Made Fly

  • Jonathon Arps, 5 lb trout

Largest Trout

  • Gavin Atkinson, 5.8 trout

Services To Club

  • Della Collins

Canal Fishing Cup

  • John Collins, 16 lb Rainbow Trout.

Club Cup Categories 2015

Best Photograph

  • Sharon Platt
Mick Starkey Cup
  • Best Sea Fish - Rex Gibson 6 1/2lbs
Club Trophy
  • Best Fish on a Club Trip - Gavin Atkinson 4.6lb
NZ Farmers Co-operation Assn Ltd Cup
  • Largest Salmon - Sharon Platt 15lbs
Ron Corney Trophy
  • Best Trout caught on self made fly Rex Gibson 4 3/4lbs
Mason Struthers Challenge Cup
  • Largest Trout Dave Salisbury 6lb
Canal Fishing Cup
  • Biggest Fish Sharon Platt 14lbs

Most Unusual Catch

  • Rex Gibson Shag
Peter Shutt
  • Services to the club - Richard Lamb